How this project all began

Hi, I’m Mig Reyes, and I’ve been maintaining Humble Pied since 2009. This project originated as a presentation for a design conference I was asked to speak at. Being 22 at the time, I didn’t have much sage advice to give. I did—and still do—have plenty of smart and talented friends, colleagues and former bosses who have shaped my career. Deciding to share the advice they gave me, I started recording video interviews and built this site to house all of their captured words of wisdom.

Technically speaking

Humble Pied was an exploration with the technologies that existed in 2009. The website design was loosely sketched in Photoshop, where it quickly moved into HTML and CSS. With endless Google searches, I learned enough WordPress to hack together my own content management system to release new videos every few weeks.

I pieced together the videos the best way I knew how: capturing my entire computer screen during an iChat or Skype video call. From there, every interview was edited in Adobe After Effects. All videos are hosted on Vimeo Plus.

Today, Humble Pied is lean and mean thanks to Jekyll, Sass, and CoffeeScript coded in SublimeText. The typefaces are GT Sectra and Fakt Pro.

Share what you learn

This project is now open-sourced on Github. Feel free to poke around the files used to build the videos and website. If you have questions, reach out on Twitter.